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Carpet maker, employees reach $18M settlement The Associated Press, April 13, 2010

Mohawk lawsuit settled for $18 million The Dalton Daily Citizen (GA), April 9, 2010

Mohawk Industries Settles RICO Illegal Aliens Class Action, Must Pay $18 Million VDARE, April 9 2010

Recovering stolen jobs is the key Politico, December 3, 2009

Supreme Court query puts Janet Napolitano on the spot Politico, November 6, 2009

Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship New York Times, May 12, 2008

American Unity Legal Defense Fund

Litigation now moving through our courts will have a profound impact on America's future. The American Unity Legal Defense Fund is taking action in the courts in the key area of immigration reform.

In the face of the emerging threats of mass immigration - the destabilization of the American economy with ever-growing entitlements, the weakening of our representative government, and the erosion of our unique American culture - the United States' survival as a nation, the political expression of a unique American people, is jeopardized.

It has become clear that the battle to regain a lawful and beneficial immigration policy in the United States will be decided in the courts. The American Unity Legal Defense Fund enters these courtroom battles on behalf of American citizens.

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